Mozhi Keymap provides one of the easiest way to write in malayalam in Blogs and Emails.With Mozhi you can directly type malayalam from keyboard.

To start, down load the following. Click the Links to down load.

1. Mozhi keyman(1MB)
2.AnjaliOldLipi *(423kb)

Installing components:

1.Install AnjaliOldLipi font.
Goto start menu >control panel > fonts >
Choose install font from file menu.. select the directory of downloaded
font.. select the font. click install..If asks for replacement, click yes..
2. Install Mozhi keyman by double clicking the installer file.
3. Run Mozhi keyman from start menu.. Goto start menu >Tavultesoft Keyman > keyman
4.Now you can see an icon as shown in fig.

5.Left click on icon..select mozhi keymap..

6.Now icon changes as in fig..

7.Now you are ready to type malayalam..
8. To change to english typing mode, left click icon and choose no keymap.

3.Typing malayalam
Typing malayalam with keyman is very easy.Just type maglish . you can see malayalam in your blog or email or in MS word. Any how you can get idea from following keymap.click on fig to enlarge it.

4.Configure browser for reading malayalam
you need to select encoding as unicode in your browser. In Windows it can be done by either Right mouse click->Encoding- >Unicode(UTF-8) or Menu->View->Encoding->Unicode (UTF-8).

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  1. പവന്‍ said...
    Thank you very much for this post.

    But it is not working perfectly with Mozilla Firefox.....
    If u have any solution for this then please put me a comment back, or nudge me to my id mranilnairg@gmail.com

    Koottam said...
    Download New Mozilla Firefox
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